About Samantha Kaufman

Samantha Kaufman is an actor and movement director; specializing in fight direction, intimacy direction, and circus theatre. After being transplanted to Chicago to study circus arts with Actors Gymnasium; she is now based in the Midwest region and travels to perform in and fight/intimacy/movement direct productions across the nation. She has her B.F.A. from the University of Wyoming and her M.F.A. from Florida Atlantic University. A Jeff Nominated Fight Choreographer, she is also an advanced actor/combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors and an intermediate actor/combatant with Fight Directors Canada. In all her work, Samantha is dedicated to the growth and development of the art form and the artists, in order to support a vibrant and healthy artistic community. Samantha is a certified Intimacy Director with Intimacy Directors International. She is fiercely passionate about advocacy for artists and spreading consent practices through theatre and circus communities. samanthajkaufman.com/intimacy-direction

Recent Credits

The Threepenny Opera

IU Theatre — Intimacy Director


IU Theatre — Fight/Intimacy Choreographer