About Brandon Armentrout

Brandon Armentrout is a Theater Major at Indiana University with a passion for acting, playwriting, and sound design. This is his first Main Stage production, but has been in U.P. productions of She Kills Monsters as Chuck, and 10 out of 12 as AD. And also an independent project, For the Living, and 4 film projects. Brandon started acting when he was in the fifth grade as Chad in High School Musical 2. Brandon came to IU in 2016, in 2017 he was vice president and captain of IU Quidditch team and was on the team when they went to nationals. Since being at IU he has since found passions for writing plays, sound designing, stand-up, voice acting, stage combat and game design. Brandon hopes to go on and continue following his passions for learning and putting, and acting in plays. He hopes to put up his own play.

Recent Credits

At First Sight - A Festival of New Plays

IU Theatre — Sound Designer, jelly beans


IU Theatre — Marcellus/Ensemble

10 out of 12

University Players — "The Assistant Director"