About Elijah Carpenter

Elijah Carpenter hails from Bloomington Indiana and has been in theatre for almost 12 years and had learned from a young age that this is what he would do for a living. He has been in many shows doing many roles not just acting but with everything under the sun from run crew to directing. He had just recently been certified in stage combat (Hand to hand, single sword, and knife) which will be a part of his career after college. He has been involved in a lot of organizations while in college. He was in a singing group on campus (The Recovering Acapellics), he is currently in the Grammy-nominated group (The Singing Hoosiers), and he has been involved with the all-student-run theatre troupe on campus (University Players). Elijah aspires to be an award-winning film and stage actor, stuntman, and combat/ intimacy choreographer all the while being a professor teaching college actors how to hone their craft and teaching combat and intimacy choreography. Other than theatre Elijah’s interests include drawing, reading, painting, photography, and hiking.

Recent Credits

Gross Indecency

IU Theatre — Marquess of Queensberry, Moisés Kaufman, Others