About Collin Dowell

Collin Dowell is an undergraduate in his Senior year studying Theater and Drama. He had previously studied art at the Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, Indiana. He transferred to Indiana University last year to explore a different type of art, he has now found his home here in Bloomington. In his hometown of Terre Haute, Indiana, Collin grew up acting in the local Children’s Theater program. Since then he has taken on to the technical side of the theater. With coming to IU he has been lighting designer of several independent projects taking place in our studio theater as well as being light board operator for the main stage show of Machinal in the spring semester of last year. Collin has fallen in love with the stage and hopes to explore all sides of the theater whether it be in the cast or on the crew. Now taking on the directorial side with hopes to expand his mind even further. He enjoys involving himself in numerous theater-based projects with the intent to allow people to find an escape from everyday life while watching any of the performances he partakes in.

Recent Credits

Titus Andronicus

IU Theatre — Captain/Bassianus U.S.