About Nik Folley

Nik Folley is a playwright, director and performer currently pursuing a B.A. in Theatre & Drama at IU Bloomington. Graduating from a small high school near southern Johnson county in 2016, he came to IU and spent only one semester in Bloomington before transferring in Spring 2017 to IUPUI in Indianapolis. After spending a year studying creative writing, he transferred back to IUB where his focus came to playwriting. Along with this newfound interest in writing he maintained an interest in directing, eventually working with one director-playwright and three other playwrights to put on a minimalist staged performance of five plays done individually by the five of them. His work on that project sparked an interest in and gave a new appreciation for the community of creative collaboration. Stemming from this interest, in the summer of 2019, Nik directed a sight-specific production of A Map of Virtue. This was in some part a dedication to the values of 13P, a New York based creative group whose goal in the early 2000's was to get a production of each of the 13 playwrights to be performed inside the city, which was ultimately successful. Upon the groups success, they shared a website containing their roadmap and imploded. Nik hopes he may take these same values of support and care for other creatives as a means of propelling the group forward to his work in the future, and is grateful for his opportunities to do that here in Bloomington.

Recent Credits

The Servant of Two Masters

IU Theatre — Foley Artist

From the Ground Up

IU Theatre — Eb