About Meloddy Gao

Meloddy Gao is a senior with a fierce curiosity for the ways environmental and social justice issues can be communicated through art. As an environmental management major with sustainable fashion and law and public policy minors, she is fascinated by the crossroads in which the performing arts and the environment intersect. She has performed in More Perfect Places (Ensemble Five) and Black Super Hero Magic Mama (Connie Wright/Lady Vulture) at IU. She is currently the president of the Asian American Association at IU. Meloddy is also an avid writer, dancer, and artist. This past spring, she was awarded first place at the IU Arts and Humanities Council Indiana Retold Story Slam. Through her experiences at and away from campus, Meloddy has come to recognize the critical role of art in communicating social issues. Following graduation, Meloddy plans to become a filmmaker in Indiana and highlight the natural areas that we need to protect.

Recent Credits

Solo Spotlight Series

IU Theatre — Soloist

More Perfect Places

IU Theatre — Ensemble Five, Spring


IU Theatre — Connie Wright/Lady Vulture, Black Super Hero Magic Mama