About Isabelle Gardo

Isabelle is a third-year M.F.A. acting student at Indiana University. She hails from Raleigh, NC where she first discovered her love of chocolate, acting, and foosball. She got her B.F.A. in acting in the nearby village of Greensboro, NC at UNCG, moved promptly to LA to pursue a career in film and recently returned from two years of living and teaching abroad in South Korea. Isabelle’s theatre credits include The Servant of Two Masters (Beatrice), Hamlet (Gertrude), Vinegar Tom (Joan Noakes), Titus Andronicus (Marca), The Heiress (Marian Almond), The Seoul Ten Minute Play Festival (Ramona/Maria/Anna/Sarah), Bloody Blackbeard, the Musical (Marla/Mary), Holiday (Julia), and Holy Ghosts (Muriel). Film: Inside Scarlett (Scarlett), Knowing Autumn Plum (Autumn), Bad Chicken (Norah). TV: Courage New Hampshire (Abby). 

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Recent Credits

Twelfth Night

IU Theatre — Olivia


IU Theatre — Mrs. Wolcott

The Servant of Two Masters

IU Theatre — Beatrice


IU Theatre — Gertrude

Vinegar Tom

IU Theatre — Joan

Titus Andronicus

IU Theatre — Marca Andronicus

Little Women

IU Summer Theatre — Hannah