About El Hendricks

El Hendricks is a Junior majoring in Theater with a concentration in Acting minoring in East Asian Studies, Spanish and Creative Writing. El is a recent recipient of the Suzanne M. Collins and Charles A. Pryor Scholarship for contributions to the IU Theater Department. They previously studied acting at the Orange County School of the Arts in Santa Ana, CA. The Winter's Tale is their third IU mainstage production, their previous credits being Edward Carson in Gross Indecency and their debut as Cassidy in Bowling for Beginners. Other past credits include Crossroad Repertory Theater's Romeo and Juliet (Romeo) and Center Stage Theater's First Kisses (John). They are from Long Beach, California and are planning to continue their acting studies by pursuing graduate school for performance in England. El was a part of the Long Beach Shakespeare Company growing up, which inspired a life-long love and study of Shakespeare, their favorite kind of theater to perform and train in.They are also passionate about cartoons and film and hope to pursue a career in both voice acting and theater. El is a non-binary, autistic actor who wants to continue to represent their communities through the roles they portray in hopes of increasing the visibility and authentic representation of people like them.

Recent Credits


IU Theatre — Orlando

The Winter's Tale

IU Theatre — Florizel

Bowling for Beginners

IU Theatre — Cassidy

Gross Indecency

IU Theatre — Edward Carson, Others