About Nicholas Jenkins

Nicholas Jenkins is a 2nd year M.F.A. student in acting. His most recent IU performances were for IU Summer Theatre: A Midsummer Night's Dream (Lysander) and Sense and Sensibility (Edward/Robert). Past IU Theatre credits: King Lear (Albany), Berserker (Pete) and Antigone (Jonas). For A Noise Within: Pericles Prince of Tyre (Tournament Knight, ensemble), The Guardsman (Servant), A Christmas Carol (Ensemble). For Tre Stage Theatre: Savage/Love (Ensemble). For Studio/Stage: Modern Drama (Playwright's Shadow). Other: A Guest of Honor (John Stillwell Stark), The Woman in Black (The Actor), Polaroid Stories (Orpheus). Nicholas earned his undergraduate degree at California State University, San Bernardino. He also studied acting at Berg Studios in Los Angeles. Nicholas grew up in Apple Valley, California.

Recent Credits

Fat Pig

Independent Production — Carter

Julius Caesar

IU Theatre — Mark Antony

Three Sisters

IU Theatre — Vershinin


IU Theatre — Captain Harville

Love's Labour's Lost

IU Theatre — Longaville

The Tempest

IU Theatre — Antonio

The Exonerated

IU Theatre — Kerry


IU Theatre — Jonas