About Anna Lagrange

Anna Lagrange is a sophomore undergraduate studying Theatre and Neuroscience. Yes, she knows you just said to yourself, “That’s an interesting mix.” She has always loved understanding people, which has inspired her to take two diverging paths to explore her curiosity. She grew up in Connecticut but lives in Vermont, and she spent most of her childhood driving between the two, so let’s just say New England. She has skied her entire life, and, in High School, she worked as a ski instructor for young children and differently abled skiers. She loves cats, the color purple, and Christmas music, which she sings all year round thanks to High School choir. She began her performance career at age 12 as the titular character of Tweedle Dum in Alice in Wonderland Jr. Since then, she has participated in all of her school’s musicals as well as her High School’s Advanced Vocal Ensemble and her brother High School’s Encords Jazz Vocal Ensemble. Since coming to IU, she joined Full Frontal Comedy, an improv comedy troupe that also doubles as her emotional support comedy troupe. She has performed and worked on a few University Players productions including Metamorphoses, Moonchild, Slip (Sound operator), American Idiot (Sound Operator). She looks forward to doing more with both the IU Department of Theatre & Dance and University Players as well as exploring other mediums of performance and roles in production. Her dream job would be to produce creative passion projects in both Theatre and Film & Television, taking part in every step of the production process.