About Max Pattison

Max Pattison is a sophomore at Indiana University pursuing a degree through the media school. He is a Sports Broadcasting major and an Audio Engineering minor. He is from Dyer, Indiana, which is about a half hour from the south side of Chicago. Max is a huge sports fans and his two favorite teams are the Chicago White Sox and IU basketball. In his free time he makes his own music and does stand-up comedy. He is hoping to live a wildly creative life and pursue many different outlets, that is, until it's time for him to settle down in life. He is also a 21st Century dead head and has been told his whole life he was born in the wrong generation, but he heavily denies this notion as he believes right now is the greatest time to ever be alive. His main aspiration in life is to lead a life of love and passion and live his life as fully as he possibly can.

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By the Bog of Cats

IU Theatre — Waiter