About Emma Shapiro

Emma Shapiro is a sophomore working towards a B.A. in Theatre & Drama. Everybody is her first Mainstage production for IU Theatre. Her recent credits include Palos Verdes High School’s Chicago (Matron “Mama” Morton), Urinetown (Little Becky Two Shoes), Footloose (Betty Blast), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Peter Quince), Shrek (Dragon), Crazy for You (Patricia Fodor/Follies Girl), Bye Bye Birdie (Mae Peterson), and for Palos Verdes Performing Arts We Will Rock You (Khashoggi). Splitting her time between theatre and other artistic outlets, Emma can assure you she’s best when busy. Whether it be creative directing photoshoots, writing poetry, or collecting classic rock vinyl records, she enjoys wearing many hats. Her ultimate goal is to be immersed in the entertainment field as a director, actress, choreographer, and more. Emma is from Palos Verdes, California.