About Abhishek Soniminde

Abhishek Soniminde, aka Abhi, is a first-year B.A student at Indiana University Bloomington. He is from Duluth Ga. He has been acting since freshman year of high school and has performed in short films, plays, musicals and tv shows (as an extra). Abhi has been doing parkour, mixed martial arts, and swimming to improve his physical durability and give him a more diverse range of content to work in. He is a big believer in optimism and peace in this world, so, he has been doing volunteer work and teaching kids in elementary schools to spread his constructive thinking to the world. He wants the world to be a more desirable place and he believes that he can accomplish that by connecting with people through his acting. All he wants to do in life is to make sure he makes his parents and his dog (Champ) pleased and proud.