About Gavin Whelan

Gavin Whelan is a senior pursuing a triple major in Theatre, Mathematics, and Germanic Studies. Hailing from Bloomington, Indiana, he began acting at age nine in the Notre Dame Summer Shakespeare Festival, and has kept it up ever since, hoping to help break new ground as the theatre industry recovers from the pandemic. For IU Mainstage: Tiger Beat (Mr. J/Choreographer), Hamlet (Osric/Francisco). For University Players: Metamorphoses (Midas/Phaeton), 10 out of 12 (Sound Designer), Disorder (Michael/Huntsman). Independent IU Credits: The Weir (Jim), Circle Mirror Transformation (Schultz), Universal Robots (Karel Capek). Other: The Crucible (Danforth); Urinetown (McQueen); Almost, Maine (Jimmy/Chad); Trifles (County Attorney); Machinal (Filing Clerk). For IU Film: Lily and Violet, The Escape.

Recent Credits


IU Summer Theatre — Hugh

At First Sight

IU Theatre — Hugh, Waycross

At First Sight - A Festival of New Plays

IU Theatre — Mr. Johansson, Tiger Beat


IU Theatre — Osric/Ensemble