About Longfei Zhao

Longfei Zhao is a Chinese student who has spent the last seven years studying in the United States. He was living with a host family when he was in high school in New Hampshire. There he began to get interested in theatre and acting.

After graduated from high school, Longfei went to New York City for college. He participated in many activities of experimental theatre and pioneer drama there. Longfei transferred to IU in 2016 and continued his enthusiasm in theatre. He has always remembered where he is from, and tried his best to connect the different cultures of China and America.

By appreciating different cultures from all over the world, it does not only bring Longfei a wider vision and experience on stage, but also helps him making more friends. He believes that acting should come from the real life and represent real people. Longfei will graduate in May, 2018 with a Bachelor's degree from School of Public and Environmental Affairs.