Public & Support Spaces

R. Keith and Marion Michael Lobby

The R. Keith and Marion Michael lobby of the Lee Norvelle Theatre and Drama Center is not only beautiful — it is a great space to gather.

Old National Bank/Monroe Bank Theatre Art Gallery

Located on the mezzanine level, this 802 square foot space is used to exhibit works from the departments permanent collection of theatre designs, donated by alumni, faculty, and guests. Exhibits related to designers, actors, and plays are mounted for each production. The gallery is also as an exhibition space for projects from design classes, as a space for meetings, and as a reception area.

  • 3 long tables
  • glass exhibit case
  • storage space for art, tools for mounting

Office Suite

Located on the third level, seventeen offices surround the 4000 square feet of graduate student and support staff space. Graduate students are each assigned to a cubicle, some with space for four, most with space for two. Each student has a lockable storage space for their personal items. A ratio of 1 computer for every two graduate students is maintained throughout the cubicles.

The main theatre office, home to our departmental and executive secretaries, is also located in the suite. Faculty and student mailboxes as well as printing, faxing, and copying facilities are all within a few steps of each office.

Ideal for student interaction with faculty and staff, the office suite is active throughout the day and evening as a vital part of the life of the Department of Theatre and Drama.

  • 16 Faculty offices
  • 20 cubicles with 48 work centers
  • Copy, fax, and printing machines
  • Shipping and receiving