Teaching Spaces

Acting Studio

Primarily a space for teaching acting and rehearsing larger shows, this 1753 square foot space includes two closets for classroom and rehearsal storage. The space has a hard wood floor, with wrap around tracking black velour drapes. A five pipe grid allows this space to be used for small production projects. Guest lectures in movement and dance are also held in this space.

  • 48 ft long by 34 ft wide by 13 ft high
  • Alcove entry and side entry
  • Portable sound system
  • Maple T & G sprung floor
  • 200 amp Company Switch
  • 5 batten grid system over one half of room
  • 1 set of rehearsal furniture

Directing Studio

Primarily a space for teaching directing and acting and rehearsing smaller shows, this 1000 square foot space includes a closet for classroom and rehearsal storage. The space has a hard wood floor, with wrap around tracking black velour drapes. Incandescent track lights on dimmers allow for this space to be used for small production projects.

  • 40 ft long by 24 ft wide by 13 ft high clear space
  • Alcove entry and large storage closet
  • Portable sound system
  • Maple T & G sprung floor
  • 9 dimmer controlled tracks of light
  • 1 set of rehearsal furniture
  • 1 rehearsal piano

Design Studio

Located on the second level, this room is particularly familiar to all M.F.A. students in the Design and Technology specialties. Model making, rendering, drafting, and computer aided design are supported at each of the workstations in the design studio. Digitized presentations can be broadcast to each students LCD panel as well as through the data projection system. Two large format scanners and a high quality plotter provide high quality input and output. This studio occupies over 1000 square feet and includes an 80 square foot storage closet with a sink to accommodate teaching and production uses.

  • 1 Instructor computer workstation
  • 15 Student computer graphics workstations
  • 15 E size drawing/drafting worktables
  • 2 Large FormatScanners
  • 1 48 color laser plotter
  • 1 tabloid size document printer
  • 1 Data projector with motorized screen

Lighting Studio

Funded and named for the late Professor Gary Gaiser by his students, through the initiative of alumna Joan Sullivan (LD, Washington National Opera), the Lighting Studio provides a well equipped dedicated teaching and research environment. Contributions were also received from the USITT Fellows, ROSCO, APOLLO, and Selecon. Located on the lower level, its 788 square feet can be arranged into a lecture and demonstration environment accommodating up to 30 students and a student lab for exploring angle, color, distribution, intensity and orchestration. For advanced students, the studio provides a full WYSIWYG/HOG moving light programming system, a highly accurate goiniophotometer for measuring the photometric distribution of instruments, two full suites of lighting software on graphics workstations, a data projection system, and sophisticated demonstration resources such as the IALD/Holophane Reflector/Refractor unit and GE Fluorescent Color Comparator.The studio also includes 3 MAC and 3 PC graphics workstations and a multiprocessor MAC Pro equipped with the Design Studio listed software. Additional resources include the FinalCutPro suite and ISADORA.

200 amp Company Switch, ETC Sensor Pack 24 x 2.4 kw, Express 24/48. Half the room is configured as a small studio theatre with grid and the other half is becoming an architectural lighting demonstration environment. The array of lighting instruments and accessories, available in the lab, are listed in the lighting inventory.

Sound Studio

Adjacent to the Ruth N. Halls Control Room on the second level, this 150 square foot space is an intimate recording and sound preparation studio. Digital input, mixing, and storage devices are at the core of the system. With the addition of portable recording equipment, a variety of mics, a fairly comprehensive sound effects collection, and a workstation loaded with SoundForge, SFX and ACID, the sound studio is an excellent resource. The studio also includes tape playback systems and a turntable to enable legacy sound effects and recordings to be transferred into the digital setting.

  • Sound inventory

Lecture Hall (A201)

Located on the second level of the center, this 100 seat tiered classroom has a full array of technology for the media integrated classes taught in the space. Used for larger classes, the multiple screen and media systems coupled with the ability to mechanically close the blinds, gives many options for presenting information. This space is also used for smaller guest lectures and guest artist discussions. The large space at the front of the room allows for demonstrations and group activities.

Integrated Windows and Macintosh systems with real time scanners, data projectors and DVD and VCR players makes media easy it bring to the room. Also available is a full sound and reinforcement system for group presentations.