About Leo Da Venci

Leo Da Venci was born in Augusta, Georgia. At 16 he moved to pursue his career in the entertainment industry as a dancer. He has been trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, African, Hip-hop, and breakdancing. Graduating from Tri–Cities High School Conservatory Magnet program, Leo shined in both dance and musical theatre. Leo found his self teaching Hip-hop dance as an instructor at Total Dance Studios and teaching workshops in Atlanta as a member of Dawn Axam’s company “AXAM DANCE THEATRE EXPERIENCE,” but something was always missing. He found his passion for music his junior year of high school. Wanting to give this new-found passion a chance, he attended Full Sail University. While searching for his sound and learning the fundamentals in the studio, he wasn’t able to complete the course but with the knowledge from his instructors and new friends he felt he was ready to take his music to the next level. Upon moving back to Atlanta, Leo switched his focused to not only dance but being Leo Da Venci: the rapping, singing, dancing, producing, always-focused-and-working force to be reckoned with. Living through his own personal struggles through different heartbreak, bad friendships, being homeless, family issues, happiness, personal spiritual experiences, black consciousness and more, these experiences and feelings are released and expressed through his music, performances, and dance. While pursuing his career recording, teaching, learning, preforming, inspiring, and changing the world with his talents, this is the gateway to the life of the next world-renowned artist from Augusta Georgia. This is LEO DA VENCI. “A person can only change the world when they’re ready and open to change themselves. It starts with the individual. The energy continues to inspire it never dies. I strive to be the spark for the next generations flames. As my ancestors did for me.” – Leo Da Venci. @ldvflowgawd

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