M.F.A. Degrees Overview


Admission into the M.F.A. program requires an undergraduate degree with a major in Theatre from an accredited four-year collegiate institution, or equivalent training and experience. All candidates must have had undergraduate courses in the following areas:

  • One course in acting and directing
  • Two courses in costuming, lighting, scenic design or stagecraft
  • Three courses in theatre history, theory, or dramatic literature, with a minimum of one course in theatre history and one course in dramatic literature

Participation in a production as an actor or member of the crew, or involvement in practicum courses, is not considered an adequate substitute for these requirements. However, you will not be required to repeat a course if it can be clearly demonstrated that you have acquired knowledge of a subject through practical experience at a professional level.

Incoming students who show weaknesses in areas of performance, design, or history, theory, and literature are expected to make up their deficiencies with appropriate undergraduate courses. These courses cannot be counted as part of the 60 hour M.F.A. requirement.

Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the official source of information regarding Graduate School degree requirements is the University Graduate School web page.

Transfer credits

You may have credits from another institution that meet the requirements of a particular M.F.A. program. Our department will review your proposed transfer credits and, if accepted, will recommend that the Graduate School also accept them toward the M.F.A. degree. A candidate may transfer up to twenty hours of appropriate graduate credit from other institutions.

Residence requirements

The M.F.A. course of study is a three-year program and it is highly recommended that our students plan to remain in residence for three years of uninterrupted study. We believe that it takes three years for a student to develop his or her artistic talent and master technical skills, and our programs are structured accordingly.