Information + Instructions

The Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance models professional guidelines in conducting auditions while also acknowledging that we are an educational institution working with students throughout this process. 

Please read the General Policies before signing up to audition. 

General Policies + Guidelines

Any IU student is invited to audition for theatre productions. Dance productions are available to dance majors only, except with permission from Contemporary Dance faculty.

The department’s programming committee is comprised of faculty and staff from all areas, as well as 2-4 student representatives. When selecting the season, this committee considers material which represents a variety of voices, cultures, and identities. In addition, the department is dedicated to encouraging and implementing inclusive casting when possible.

Everyone participating in the audition process may expect:

  • Freedom from harassment as outlined in IU’s campus-wide policy:


  • Content advisories and appropriate descriptions of the projects being cast
  • Appropriate choreographer present to craft dance, moments of violence, intimacy if required in the audition
  • Adequate prep/rehearsal time for choreography if required for the audition
  • Option to take oneself out of consideration for roles that contain sensitive content prior to completion of casting
  • Actors to enter the audition with an appropriate amount of preparation, including familiarity with the requirements of the role(s)


No photos or videos will be taken without prior approval of the department chair and 24-hour advance notice to the participants. Any photos or videos will be destroyed immediately following the completion of casting. Actors will also be given advance notice if members of the creative team are attending auditions via video call applications (ie: Skype, FaceTime, etc.).

Members of a performing union (AEA, SAG-AFTRA, AGMA, etc) must declare their union affiliation at first audition.

M.F.A. actors may be pre-cast in roles. No B.A. or B.F.A. actors are allowed to be pre-cast. Directors may extend audition invitations to particular performers, however no guarantees of casting may be extended or suggested to B.A./B.F.A. actors prior to all of the cast lists being finalized.

The appropriate sequence to report an incident of a violation of these policies:

  1. Head of AD Area and/or Head of MT Area
  2. Chair of Department
  3. Associate Dean for Arts & Humanities

Audition Sign-Up Information

You must sign up for auditions online, following the instructions for each audition notice. Once the lists fill up, the online signup will close, with instructions provided for anyone who missed the signup. If you have questions, please click on the signup links for contact information.