Production Biography Update Form

Cast + crew biography update form

The Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance website now features individual student profile pages which allow you to present much more information about yourself and your work.

You may submit a request to update your profile once per semester or when you are cast in a new mainstage production.

Please submit TWO versions of your bio in the "Biography" field.

  • The first version is for your web profile page (~150-300 words)
    • Write in third person.
    • This bio may include information about your experience, interests, and aspirations. This is your opportunity to show your personality, but do not include personal messages, "shout outs", or inappropriate language or comments. Submissions that contain inappropriate content will not be published.
  • The second version is your program bio, and should be concise (80 words).
    • Write in third person.
    • Include your year in school.
    • Include show credits: IU shows first and then other theatres. List the production name first and then your character in the play or role on crew.
    • State where you are from.
    • Always proofread carefully for spelling and accuracy of information.
    • Do NOT include personal messages, funny remarks, comments or sayings.
    • List facts.
    • Include your character name after your real name.
    • Clearly label this paragraph "PROGRAM BIO".

Your web profile also allows you to add your resume, social media links, and your personal website, as well as a banner image. If you choose to upload a banner, make sure it is 3072 pixels x 1024 pixels.

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