Stage Management

Coursework in Stage Management

Students who earn the B.A. in Theatre with an emphasis on Stage Management take courses that explore the role and function of the stage manager, learning the basic skills necessary to begin work in the field. They examine case studies in musical theatre, ballet, modern dance, opera, and concerts, to gain insight into stage management strategies and develop critical thinking skills.

Topics courses related to Stage Management often use case studies in order to consider solving logistical problems such as scenery storage and rental (Economics of Scenery Rental) or managing spectacle events such as those produced by Phantom: The Las Vegas Experience, Blue Man Group, La Reve, and the Cirque du Soleil productions (Managing Spectacle).

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Advising & the IMP Degree

Students majoring in the IMP have two different sources of academic advising which serve complementary purposes. It is important to consult both of them on a regular basis.

The assistant director of the IMP is your official academic adviser and serves the same function as an adviser for a traditional major. To schedule an advising appointment to explore the IMP in Stage Management, contact the IMP office.

Your faculty sponsor(s) are the subject-matter experts for your major topic. You should keep in close contact with them throughout your IMP career. The Theatre academic advisor can also help you coordinate the requirements of an IMP degree.