About Bloomington

Ashley Dillard

Bloomington is such a wonderful artistic nook. There are so many opportunities to enrich your artistic life in Bloomington. During my tenure at IU, I worked with local professional theatres Cardinal Stage Company and Bloomington Playwrights Project, a commercial shoot as a casting director, on small film shoots, and I got to sing at a few different special events around town. This is all in addition to the countless students and department projects I was involved with at school. If you're looking for a school to expand your horizons and embrace you as one of their own, IU is the place!

Ashley Dillard, M.F.A. 2017

Never before have I been to a place where it was so easy to make friends. At the university, on the bus, in a store. Bloomingtonians are warm and welcoming, and that, above all, makes life livable in this town. Bloomington was chosen as one of the top ten college towns in the U.S. for its rich mixture of atmospherics and academia.

Edward B. Fiske, former education editor of The New York Times