Acting M.F.A.

Use your Graduate Academic Bulletin

Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the official source of information regarding our graduate degree requirements is the University Graduate School Bulletin.

Official requirements for our M.F.A. degrees can be found by clicking on the Bulletin below:

2019-20: Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance University Graduate School Academic Bulletin

Fall Semester
  • T583 Ensemble Creation (3 cr) Technique for Group Development/Creation
  • T610 Movement II (3 cr) “Exploring Impulse”
  • T621 Shakespeare (3 cr) Methodology and Technique
  • T625 IPA/Dialects (3 cr) Meir/Stein Techniques
Spring Semester
  • T611 Movement II (3 cr) “Exploring Impulse”
  • T622 Style in Acting (3 cr) Methodology and Technique
  • T635 Advanced Dialectics (3 cr) Further Technique Work
  • TBA (3 cr) History, Theory, and Literature Course