Registration for the H.S. Summer Dance Intensive

How to apply for the Summer Dance Intensive

How to Apply

  1. Visit Application / Registration
    1. Fill out IUHSSDI Application Form
    2. Pay $150 Deposit
    3. Record and Remember your Application Confirmation Code
  2. Visit Acceptd (Supporting Materials)
    1. Submit Letter of Recommendation
      1. upload a letter from your primary dance teacher, director, or coach attesting to your dance experience and technical level, creative abilities, and personal conduct.
    2. Submit Work sample
      1. upload a 30 second clip of you, demonstrating your dance technical and performance skills. Submit only one video of you, dancing solo. Include your full name and Application Confirmation Code.

Your Application is Now Complete!

  1. Wait for Notification of Acceptance / Denial
    1. Students will generally be notified of their application status within two weeks of completing your full application. If it has been longer than two weeks, please email Ms. Nugent at to inquire on your status.
    2. If you are Not Accepted into the IUHSSDI program, your Deposit will be Refunded. (Contact Cindi Severance for details / 812-855-5382).
  2. Acceptance Letter
    1. Sent to the primary email listed on your application, your acceptance letter will include the steps necessary to complete your registration.

You’ve Been Accepted! Now it is Time to Register!

  1. Return to Application / Registration
    1. Log back into your Application Form using your Confirmation Code
    2. Pay remaining tuition balance of $1,700 (Due by June 1st)
    3. Download, Print, and Fill Out additional Forms
      1. Medical History Form
      2. Medical Consent Form
      3. Photo/Video Waiver
    4. Scan and Upload these Forms to Accepted (Required Forms)

You are Now an Official Participant of IUHSSDI 2019!

Once your registration is fully complete, you will be notified and added to the email list for updates and detailed information about this year’s intensive, including items such as

  1. What to bring with you for the dorms and for class
  2. What not to bring with you
  3. Dress Code
  4. Detailed Schedule of Classes (usually sent in June)
  5. Where to park for registration on day-one
  6. The Dorm Address
  7. Detailed information on the end-of-intensive Studio Showing
  8. How to request a specific roommate
  9. Who to notify, if you have food allergies or restrictions (schedule a meeting with our on-campus nutritionist)

Thank you for your interest in attending the Indiana University High School Summer Dance Intensive! We look forward to a fantastic year!

Stephanie Nugent, Director: /812-855-9021

Cindi Severance, Financial Operations Manager: /812-855-5382

IU Conferences: 812-855-4224 or 800-933-9330.

Cancellation Policy

Once a student is admitted into IUHSSDI, the $150 deposit automatically becomes non-refundable payment toward their tuition. If a student is not admitted into the program, the deposit will be refunded. Therefore, the following information is assuming a student wishes to cancel their participation in the intensive, after they have already been accepted.

Cancellation Before June 1st: All Cancellations must be submitted in writing to Cindi Severance at Tuition paid will be reimbursed minus $150 deposit

Cancellation After June 1st: All Cancellations made after June 1st, 2019 will only be considered under extenuating circumstances (illness, injury, etc.). Requests must be submitted in writing to Cindi Severance at Tuition paid will be reimbursed minus the $25 application fee and the $100 deposit.

Cancellation After July 6th: No refund of any amount is guaranteed, for cancellations made on or after the first day of the intensive. Refund requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Extenuating circumstances, as well as time spent taking classes, utilizing housing, and eating in the dining hall will all be considered when reviewing refund requests.