Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate advising

The Advising Office exists to serve academic needs of students studying in the Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance. Students who have the major, minor, or variations of the major in Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance are officially registered with the College of Arts and Sciences and associated programs through this office. There is a logic of organic theatre study to the major and minor: freshmen and sophomores lay the foundations for their degree program; juniors may begin career exploration more specifically; seniors finally confirm their requirements for graduation. Thus, all students of the department have good reason to use advising services through all years of study for the degree.

The following areas of service may be important for you to explore.

Letters of recommendation/scholarships

Be sure to develop good working relationships with the faculty and staff.

Freshman and sophomores: take advantage of audition and class opportunities so that faculty will get to know your work.

This office will notify you of scholarship opportunities and has a file of available opportunities. Check with each faculty member you are asking to recommend you for time limitations, application information forms, etc. Consider these standard practices:

  1. Give your recommender adequate time to write for you. (a two week minimum is suggested)
  2. Supply appropriate materials of envelopes, stamps, and key application information. (A general application information form is available in this office.)
  3. Finally, consider supplying complimentary tickets to any faculty member you want to serve as recommender of your performance or production work. All departmental faculty and staff employees receive complimentary tickets to the major shows of this department. You may want to ask the director/producer of independent productions if they can support you in this regard. Remember, your faculty is requested to see many productions during the school year.

Overseas study

Indiana University offers more than 60 study abroad programs for IU credit, a third of which do not require a foreign language. Check out IU’s overseas study programs. Advising staff can assist you both before you leave the U.S. and while you are abroad. They will also direct you to students who have studied abroad already.

Career development

Resources are both in the Neal Marshall Black Culture Center Script Library and also in my office regarding graduate programs, summer theatre, theatre-related careers and internships. We also keep folders of current opportunities as well as post notices on our bulletin boards. The Walter Center for Career Achievement has a library of resources in our areas as well as courses which may serve your interests and needs. Resumes are developed in ASCS-Q299 and internship credit may be earned in ASCS-Q398.

Kristin Mann
Undergraduate Advisor
Lee Norvelle Theatre & Drama, A056