Mission Statement

Mission statement, goals, + objectives

The Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance at Indiana University recognizes that theatre is a collaborative art form that brings together a wide range of talents and skills. As a dynamic art, theatre draws its strength from both rich tradition and stimulating innovation.

Our mission is to prepare students to invigorate and expand the life of the theatre through a broad spectrum of outstanding undergraduate and graduate degree programs in theory and practice led by a committed faculty of artists, scholars, and teachers.

To support our mission we share the following goals:

  • To offer a challenging undergraduate theatre and drama education within a liberal arts setting.
    • Provide diverse and integrated courses servicing theatre and drama majors and minors as well as non-majors.
    • Foster an environment in which classroom study and practical experience in production are of equal and complementary value.
  • To provide students of demonstrated talent, skills, and intellectual abilities with a rigorous graduate education in preparation for professional careers.
  • To create and present a diverse season of significant live theatre in order to train students and engage audiences with high quality productions.
    • Select plays that will challenge (all) students in production.
    • Produce plays and projects that encompass a wide range of theatrical material and production styles which will enhance the cultural life of the community.
    • Create and produce new works for the theatre.
  • To provide resources and support for the scholarly and creative activities of faculty and students.
    • Guest Artists and Scholars
    • Collins Lecture Series
    • Research and Creative Activity Accounts
    • Travel grants
    • The National Society of the Arts and Letters Competition
  • To foster a creative atmosphere which will encourage faculty and students to take intellectual and artistic risks.
    • Create and maintain a secure and safe environment
    • Develop and maintain open communication
    • Enhance self-confidence
  • To develop cultural diversity in the Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance by:
    • Classes
    • Production
    • Recruitment
    • Hiring