Final Dress Rehearsals

Invited audience dress rehearsal information

Each production offers an invitation to its final dress rehearsal.

Purpose: The invited dress rehearsal has three purposes:

  1. Provide audience response for the cast prior to the paid opening of the show.
  2. Serve as an audience development outreach event to network organizations that represent potential group sales and cultivate future audience outreach.
  3. Cultivate good will and exposure with campus organizations.

Preview audience limit: We may limit attendance to approximately 200 depending upon the needs of the production. Subject to change as needed.


Audience Development:

  1. Resident assistants, members of residence hall student government, and officers from fraternities and sororities.
  2. High School drama teachers and principals, Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center faculty and staff, IU Auditorium staff, and College of Arts and Sciences department chairs.
  3. Based on particular circumstances other groups may be added to this list.

Production Team and others:

  • The director may invite up to 25 people. 
  • The production manager may approve up to 10 people requested by production team members. 
  • Members of the cast and creative/design team may invite up to 2 people each.
  • Production staff and crew members who attend for normal rehearsal purposes do not need to present an invitation at the door. 


  • Production dress rehearsal invitations will be sent via email to production company members approximately one week prior to the final dress rehearsal.
  • Production company members should forward this email invitation to those they wish to invite to the final dress rehearsal. 
  • Invitees should present their digital email invitation at the door on the evening of the event for verification.