Van Policy

All drivers of departmental vehicles (and any other vehicle used for departmental business, including personal vehicles) must complete the online authorization for a driving background check and become an approved driver by the university's office of insurance. Failure to complete these two steps will place you in violation of university policy, FIN-INS-02.

Department vehicles, e.g., trucks, vans, and cars, may be used ONLY for departmental business. Before driving for any trip, complete the Authorization Form for Motor Vehicle Records Check, found on IU's Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims website. In order to fill out the form the driver must provide:

  • Driver’s license number and issuing state
  • University Employee/Student number
  • Date of birth
  • Official Indiana University email address, e.g.,
  • Social Security number (only for non-employees/students and out-of-state licenses)
  • Local address
  • Department Name (Employees and students only), select “THEATRE AND DRAMA”

If you have any trouble completing the form, please contact Office Manager Cindi Severance. After providing the above information, approval typically takes two business days or less. Failure to pass the driving background check will prevent you from driving any vehicle on university business.

  1. Keys to the department truck are available from Production Technical Director I. Christopher Berg. Department van keys are available from Office Manager and Fiscal Officer Cindi Severance. Before given the keys to a departmental vehicle, verification of Office of Insurance approval will be performed. (Should your approval status change, notification is sent to the Chairperson of the Department)
  2. Please, reserve the departmental van in advance. Reservations are kept by the Office Manager. Priority for van use will be given to reservations noted on the THTRVan calendar. To make a reservation the following information must be provided:
    • Driver’s full name
    • Destination(s)
    • Purpose of trip
    • Departure date and time
    • Expected return date and time
  3. Vans must be returned by the time specified. In the event of an unavoidable emergency which delays the return time, driver must call the Office Manager (855-5382) prior to 4:30 P.M. Keys must be returned to the Office Manager upon return.