Production Spaces

Scenic Studio

Located on the first level of the facility, this construction area (5000 sq ft) has support spaces for dedicated areas for wood construction, welding, and finish work. This studio has 16-foot ceilings with installed dust collection system in the wood working area and battens installed over the welding and paint area. Rolling workstations and portable work tables allow for flexibility in handling the wide range of scenic construction that flows through the scenic studio. There is direct access to both stages and the Scenic Studios storage and support spaces, like painting of large surfaces in the expanded backstage left area of the Halls Theatre. Located by the entrance and loading dock door are the tool room and shop office.

Costume Studio

Located on the second level, this suite of rooms is 13 feet high, brightly lit with several large windows facing north in the cutting area and boasts an ample fabric storage space. The studio includes a primary construction area (1568 sq ft.), crafts (404 sq ft.), dye and material preparation (475 sq ft), two fittings rooms (152 sq ft each), and two offices (129 sq ft each).

This well-ventilated area includes industrial washers/dryers, hot plate area, and two large professional dye vats appropriate for small through large scale dyeing, steaming, and airbrushing. Also included are paint and dye storage and craft supply storage.

Stocked with an excellent set of hat blocks, wig blocks, wig/ventilating tools, and craft supplies this spacious work area also promotes a healthy work environment with a large spray booth for craft work.

With a busy season, two shows can be fitting at once with these spacious rooms. Actors and designers are treated to excellent lighting, a full mirrored wall and modesty curtains.

Although the department has a large off-site costume storage space, this area stores those necessary items for most immediate use including foundation garments, headwear, additional trims, fabrics, costume accessories, hosieries and wigs.

Lighting Shop

Located on the Basement level, the Lighting Shop serves as the maintenance and inventory center for the large array of lighting equipment and accessories used throughout the facility. This 354 square foot space shop has ample room to prep/build special devices, perform maintenance and repairs, and provide storage for lamps, tools, and the more specialized fixtures and equipment in the inventory. The shop also houses the pyrotechnics and flammables cabinet.

  • Dedicated power for lighting equipment testing
  • Computer
  • A wide variety of tools, test devices and repair/spare resources.

View lighting equipment inventory

Prop Shop

Located on the Basement level, this 871 square foot space is divided into production work as well as providing storage for some of the more frequently needed hand prop items in storage. Additional prop storage is in the Theatre Annex and furniture is stored in the University Warehouse.

Dressing Rooms

Located on the first level behind the Ruth N Halls Theatre, these five dressing rooms and maintenance room provide ample space for very large casts and smaller rooms for more a more intimate cast size. Individual dressing stations for over 30 performers include lockable storage for makeup kits and other personal items to store between performances. Each room includes large walled mirrors with excellent lighting, personal stations with actor storage, wig and hat shelves above each station, space for portable costume racks, large sink and padded chairs and a monitor system for both the Wells-Metz and Ruth N. Halls theatres. Away from the main traffic areas, these rooms can be closed off for privacy, sound and individually locked. Male and female restrooms also include large shower facilities and water fountains.

This area houses a large costume maintenance room which includes utility sinks, industrial dryers and washers, industrial irons, steamers, maintenance needs and ample space for repairs or air-dry items.