Contemporary Dance

A spirit of collaboration

Dance across campus and into town

Dance faculty and students regularly work with artists and scholars in their own and other IU Departments, such as Anthropology, African American and African Diaspora Studies, Informatics, The Media School, Gender Studies, and the Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design.

Dance and technology is a strong focus at IU. Home to a thriving arts and technology environment, faculty members and students collaborate with The Media School to utilize motion capture technology and work in the area of real-time video and sound production.

Our students find exceptional performing opportunities with the IU Opera, the Musical Theatre Program, the African American Dance Company, and Bloomington’s local modern dance company, Windfall Dancers.

Local theater groups such as Cardinal Stage Company, Bloomington Playwrights Project, the Jewish Theater of Bloomington, and the Monroe County Civic Theater often include dance elements in their works, offering more opportunities for collaboration.

Dance majors may perform nationally and internationally at various festivals and conferences. Opportunities to teach and work with our Dance for Parkinson’s® class are also available.

Jacobs School of Music

The Jacobs School of Music is widely recognized as one of the world’s premiere music programs. Contemporary Dance majors have the opportunity to collaborate with student and faculty composers as well as perform to works that are played by world-class musicians. The Jacobs School is also home to the IU Ballet Department, which collaborates in various ways with the Program in Contemporary Dance.

If you have strong interests in both music and the performing arts you may wish to pursue the Bachelor Science in Music and an Outside Field (B.S.O.F.) degree, combining training in music with work in musical theatre or contemporary dance.

Learn about the B.S.O.F. degree