Add or Update Company Member

Add or update a company member

This page contains instructions on how to add or update a company profile in the WCMS.

These instructions assume you are familiar with the basics of using the WCMS.

1. Sign in to the WCMS

First, sign in to the WCMS and open the site named

If you've set the Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance site as your default site, you will be directed straight to the dashboard.

2. Add a new company profile

Click the Add Content tab near the top left side of the screen.

In the drop-down menu that opens, click Company Member. A window will open with (mostly) empty form fields in which you can enter your company member information.

3. Set page name, placement folder, and display name

Each company member profile in the WCMS has a page name, placement folder, and display name.

  • Page Name: The URL-friendly file name that should be used for the company member's profile. This name must be all lowercase, dashes instead of spaces, and no special characters, like lastname-firstname.
  • Placement Folder: The folder into which the company member's profile should be saved. All company profiles live in the about/company folder, which is broken up by first letter of the company member's last name.
  • Display Name: The person's name, formatted normally like Taylor Blue.

4. Add images

  • Headshot: A 768x512 headshot. Shown on production pages and the company member's profile.
  • Banner Image (Optional): A 3072x1024 image that is shown across the top of the company member's profile.

Learn more about cropping, compressing, and uploading images.

5. Add biographical info

Enter the company member's biographical information, such as name, major, and hometown.

6. Add personal website and social media profile links (optional)

If the company member has a personal website, you can paste the URL here. Be sure to include the http:// or https://.

If you'd like links to the company member's social media accounts to show on their profile page, you may add them here as well. Added social media links will appear as icons on the company member's profile page.

You can add more dates or date ranges by clicking the plus near the top right of the Channel box (highlighted below).

7. Add extra sections (optional)

You can add any number of extra sections to a company member's profile, including slideshows and embedded video.

Learn more about the different section types in the framework.

Update a company member that already exists

To edit a company member that already exists, find the profile you want to make changes to in the about/company folder.

Click on the company member profile page to open it, and then click the Edit button near the top right of the page.

The form fields are the same as when you're adding a new company member.

Click the blue Save and Preview button near the top right of the Edit window to preview your changes, and click the blue Submit button (also near the top right of the page) if your preview looks good.

Publish all relationships

When you update a company member's profile, you'll need to re-publish any production pages that they appear on.

To do so, click on the More tab near the top right of the screen, and then click Relationships.

On the relationships page, select all of the productions shown and click Publish All.