Add or Update Production

Add or update a production

This page contains instructions on how to add or update a production in the WCMS.

These instructions assume you are familiar with the basics of using the WCMS.

1. Sign in to the WCMS

First, sign in to the WCMS and open the site named

If you've set the Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance site as your default site, you will be directed straight to the dashboard.

2. Add a new production page

Click the Add Content tab near the top left side of the screen.

In the drop-down menu that opens, click Production. A window will open with (mostly) empty form fields in which you can enter your production information.

3. Set page name, placement folder, and display name

Each production in the WCMS has a page name, placement folder, and display name.

  • Page Name: The URL-friendly file name that should be used for the production. This name must be all lowercase, dashes instead of spaces, and no special characters, like some-great-production.
  • Placement Folder: The folder into which the production should be saved. Each season has its own folder under on-stage/productions.
  • Display Name: The plain-English name of the production that should appear in browser tab titles and navigation links.

4. Set company and production title

  • Company: Choose a company from the drop-down menu, such as IU Theatre. You can also type into the box a company name that's not on the list, such as Cardinal Stage. Note that only IU productions will appear in automatic production lists.
  • Alternate Link URL (Optional): If you're entering a non-IU production, you can paste a link into this box to the production's page on another website, such as Cardinal Stage. This link will only appear on individual faculty, student, and company profiles.
  • Production Title: The full plain-English title of the production. Shown on the production page itself.
Fields for production Company and Title.

5. Add credits

Enter your production credits, such as "Directed by Taylor Blue."

Each credit has the option of being displayed before the production synopsis (for major credits like director) or after the production synopsis (for secondary credits).

You can add more credits by clicking the plus near the top-right of the credit box (highlighted in the screenshot below).

Credits appear in the order they're laid out in the WCMS. You can use the up or down arrows to re-arrange them.

6. Add synopsis and audience advisory

  • Synopsis: A summary of the production, shown on the production page itself.
  • Audience Advisory (Optional): Any warnings for the audience, such as flashing lights. If a production has an audience advisory, it will appear on the production page inside a yellow callout box.

This is an example audience advisory.

Learn more about using text editors in the WCMS.

7. Add promotional images

  • Preview Image: A 768x512 teaser image that is shown on production listing pages. All productions require a preview image.
  • Banner Image (Optional): A 3072x1024 image that is shown across the top of the production page itself.

Learn more about cropping, compressing, and uploading images.

8. Add show times

  • Season: The season the production is running.
  • Running Time and Intermissions: The length of the production, plus any intermissions.

Day or Date Range

  • Day or Date Range Header: The plain-English heading shown on the production page for a given day or range of dates, such as "October 31, 2019" or "October 27-31, 2019."
  • Show Times: The actual show times within the date or date range. If you're using a range of production dates with identical showtimes each day, only put the date and times for the last day in the range.
  • Venue: The venue in which the production is taking place. You can select a venue from the drop-down box, or type in a venue that's not on the list.

You can add more dates or date ranges by clicking the plus near the top right of the Day or Date Range box (highlighted below).

Dates and date ranges appear on the production page in the order they're laid out in the WCMS. You can click on the up or down arrows to re-arrange the dates.

See an example production that features both single dates and date ranges.

9. Set ticket info

  • Link to Purchase Tickets: The full URL of the page where people can buy tickets to the production, including the https://.
  • Link to Ticket Info Page: Use the page chooser to select the page on the Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance website where visitors can learn more about buying IU Theatre tickets. Defaults to on-stage/tickets/index.

10. Add cast and crew

  • Company Member's Profile: Use the page chooser to find and select the profile page for the company member. Company member profiles live in about/company. If the company member already has a faculty or staff profile, select that profile instead from about/faculty or about/staff.
  • Role: The person's role in the production.

You can add more cast and crew members by clicking the plus near the top right of the Company Member box (highlighted in the screenshot below).

  • Company Notes: An optional text area containing notes about the listed company members, such as "* Denotes 3rd Year M.F.A. Thesis Project."

11. Add extra sections (optional)

You can add any number of extra sections to a company member's profile, including slideshows and embedded video.

Learn more about the different section types in the framework.