By Jayne Deely

Directed by Jenny McKnight

CIA asset Lee is assigned to the nation’s riskiest and most vital missions. Her arch-enemy Nadia Rachnamninov is close on Lee’s tail through every mission from Mauritius to Minsk. At this point, Nadia is the closest thing Lee has to a friend, unless you count CIA Director Skybell, who seems to live in Lee’s earpiece. When Lee finds herself charged with the task of infiltrating a community theatre in Georgia undercover as something called a dramaturg, she has never been more in over her head. The clock’s ticking, every second bringing the town closer to potential destruction, and opening night. A play about finding heroes where you least expect them.

This series will be presented in partnership with WFIU, and will be broadcast in July.

Running Time: This piece is presented in partnership with 103.7 WFIU and is presented with no intermission

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