Solo Spotlight Series

Co-Creative Directed by Sharai Bohannon and Jenny McKnight

Developed by IU Theatre & Dance Students

This unprecedented time provides students an opportunity to process, create, and dramatize their work in new ways. We are excited to announce the Solo Spotlight Series: a celebration of our students’ creative processes. To craft these solo performances, performers will work closely with designers and creative team members, proving that theatre is always a collaborative art, even when it’s “Solo!”

This series will be presented digitally - no in person performances will take place.

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Spring Spotlight Series Lineup

March 29

1. Flourish, by Channing Dayton

2. The Intersectional Monologues, by Sophia Salesky, Spencer Lawson and Ishan Showkkath

Sophia Salesky, Ishan Showkkath, and Spencer Lawson have collaborated on The Intersectional Monologues, a multimedia piece combining dance and monologue to explore what it takes to be a Queer Woman, what it takes to be a Jewish Woman, and, perhaps most importantly, both.

April 5

1. What's After by Meloddy Gao, Chase Erwin, Paully Crumpacker & River Epperson 

In What’s After, four college seniors confront the uncertainty of their times while exploring why, although scary, change is a necessary part of life.  A collaboration from Meloddy Gao, River Epperson, Chase Erwin, and Paully Crumpacker.

April 12

1. Katie Clamme  

April 19

Peter Ruiz

Dolphin Brain by Peter Ruiz, directed by RJ Hodde

This piece is about how I have used media (film and television) to cope with and contextualize moments throughout my life. It's a love letter to my past, present, and future selves. Content Warnings: mentions of sexual violence, domestic violence, and anti-Black violence.