Nice Nails - a new play by Aaron Ricciardi, part of the At First Sight, new play series

Written by Aaron Ricciardi

Directed by Jonathan Michaelsen

In a nail salon on the outskirts of New York City, immigrant ladies spend their days toiling like servants over the fingers and toes of obnoxious customers.

This modest shop is the livelihood of a Korean-American family, who dream of making it big in America—or, really, just scraping by, especially now that Happy Ending Nails opened next to the Whole Foods down the street and is siphoning off their customers.

As word spreads of labor department crackdowns, the salon owners’ daughter fights to modernize this tired establishment, all while growing captivated by a new customer who is not like the others, forcing her to examine the value of identity, government regulations, and everything she learned from Disney movies. 

故事发生在纽约郊外一家韩裔移民的美甲店中,他们像所有移民一样想要在美国圆梦,但现实却总是很残酷。老板像佣人一样每天疲于服务挑剔的顾客,生意被旁边的美甲沙龙抢走了,老板女儿忙于通过劳工部门的审查 。就在这时,一位与众不同的顾客出现了,让她不禁思考起了过去认识和学习过的一切……IU Theatre 诚邀您前来观赏Aaron Ricciardi的新作【漂亮指甲】

Running Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes, with no intermission

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